Collet Identification Guide

techniks_DA_DoubleAngle_Collet_measurementsER, TG, SYOZ, and DA collets all have unique measurements. Even if the markings have been worn off, by noting the shape and carefully measuring your collets you can determine what types and sizes of collets you have. Measure the length (L) and depth (D) of the collet. Then use the guide below for selecting replacement collets. (Click here for guide)

Feed Speeds

PlusStreamerChipload is simply defined as the thickness of a chip which is formed during the machining of a material.Chipload is critical because if the chip is the proper size, the chip will carry away the heat promoting long tool life. If the chip is too small, the heat is transferred to the cutting tool causing prematurely dulling. Too high of a chipload will cause an unsatisfactory edge finish, or part movement.
(Click here for guide)